Diet & Exercise


Physical exercise is essential for living healthily and happily. There is evidence of improved learning ability, memory, attitude and an overall quality of life through exercise and a balanced diet. However, trending nutritional products and celebrity fitness programs do not cater to everyone leaving a lingering tendency to undertake an unhealthy diet.

Test Content

CBT GeneHealth diet & exercise package covers endurance response, strength, risk of injury, recovery rate, rate of detoxification, carbohydrate levels, saturated fat levels, lactose tolerance, celiac disease susceptibility, alcohol sensitivity, caffeine metabolism, salt sensitivity, antioxidant demand, OMEGA-3 requirements, Vitamin B and D requirements, cruciferous vegetable demand and other areas for genetic testing.

Sampling Method

Only a swab of oral mucosal cells is needed – very safe and non-invasive.
Get an understanding of your physical fitness and nutrition on a genetic level. Help customise your diet and exercise program to maintain your metabolic rate, enhance your immunity, reduce your risk of injury and reach your physical goals!

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